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In the Burgundy village of Lacanche, ovens, ranges and cooking equipment have been built since the 19th century in the spirit of a long tradition of craftsmanship in metal.

At the heart of this land of wine and fine cuisine, Lacanche plays its part in expressing and promoting the culinary art.Faithful to its heritage, Lacanche, a family business, balances experience, expertise and innovation to offer both the professional chef and the cooking enthusiast the instruments with which to truly express their talents.

Here, using efficient manufacturing facilities, each appliance is individually made to a specific order, based initially on choices from a huge variety of modelsoptions and finishes. Available in sizes 700, 900, 1000, 1105, 1405, 1505, 1805, 2205mm in either Classic or Modern style.  Lots of hob options, oven options and amazing
of colours.


Its design and generous size make this the cooker that has everything, offering a wide spectrum of possibilities. Many hob options and the two ovens of different capacities mean that the Cîteaux is a real virtuoso among kitchen ranges.

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