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Serve up adventure with our most portable ceramic charcoal grill, the Joe Jr. Offering 34 cm of cooking space, this grill is the perfect sidekick for tailgates, camping or even cook-outs on the beach. With our cast-iron top vent and thick-walled heat-resistant shell, you will have precise temperature control while ensuring smoke and moisture will be locked in during your cook. The Joe Jr provides the quality of charcoal grilling, so you can dare to be bold while on-the-go.

Joe Junior

    • Premium 34 cm ceramic grill with cast iron stand
    • 923 cm² of cooking space
    • Stainless steel hinged cooking grate allows you to add charcoal as you cook
    • Thick-walled, heat-resistant shell that locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature
    • Cast-iron air vent for temperature control
    • Built-In temperature gauge
    • Ceramic heat deflector
    • Grill gripper
    • Ash tool
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