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The traditional cooking range, with its hand-crafted good looks and quality cooking, epitomises a relaxed, homely lifestyle in town or country. The Everhot offers all this, and far more, at a cost that is astonishingly down to earth. To top it all, the Everhot averages less than half the running costs of most other traditional ranges and no regular servicing is required – a saving against other brands


Everhot's ECO control function is now available as standard on all Everhot cookers. It provides a type of 'sleep' facility which allows the range to be dropped to a low temperature that can be pre-determined. Everhot-sizes available 60,90,100,110,120,150cm. Additionally, whilst in ECO mode, the cooker has a maximum load requirement of 2KW, a facility that will particularly appeal to customers using sustainable energy systems - wind, water, photovoltaic, etc.

Cast Iron 60

Being so compact you might expect some compromise, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes it is small, but it’s also perfectly formed, and it comes packed with features that put larger competitors to shame. With its two large ovens, cast iron hot and simmer plates and integral grill, the Everhot 60 has the capacity of many of its larger competitors.

Town or country, this is the perfect choice for the smaller kitchen since the 600mm width will fit a standard 600mm wide cooker space.  Installation is incredibly straightforward since neither flue nor re-enforced floor is needed and it simply plugs into a 13 amp socket, keeping any disruption to a minimum. 

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